Family Culture

Hi.  Today I am thinking about how someone told me I would know my spouse when they feel like they are my family.  I wholeheartedly believe this, and think that's what You gave Greg & Emily.

You know who I think of like that.  But it's not for me to say really in the end, it's You.  I wonder if You have me placed in her heart as a recognition of a gift?  Could this be true?  I think You wouldn't tell me that, You'd just tell her that.  So, I'm here, listening for You for what to do with me each day as I wait on You.

Tonight at the Summer of Psalms meeting we talked about dwelling in Your house, and I was realizing the intimacy of that.  Of being with You, in Your house.  How intimate living rooms can be for spending time with family, and maybe a way for me to think of being with You is like that.  You are my spouse, and I will sit with You in Your living room, in the place You cause me to lie down and rest, and in safety with You.  That You enjoy my company is crazy.  Because I know I am so flawed, and yet... You long for the ones Your hands made.  You enjoy being with us.

Can You watch over me tonight?  Can You place Your hand on my back as I sleep?  Guide my steps?  Were You answering my prayer today that I thought a selfish request?  Because it seems like You were and that's confusing.  Do You ever get lonely God?  Being the only One like You?  Or do You even know NEED?  I think Your love must be absent of need, and yet persistent.  That You push forward, not because You need us, but because You love us and long for us like children scattered that You long to gather in Your arms and hold our hands and be connected to us.  How can that be?

As I walk Lord, through the valley, hold my trembling hand.  Also, help her be close to You and know You as You help me be close to You.