Growth and Fruit

Today as I sat talking with You, You told me not to worry.  You talked to me about not to try to take Your job.  You asked me, "Can you save the people you love?"  "Can you make them as beautiful as I can?"

And I know the answer.  I can't.  I can't make growth, I can't make beauty like You.  None of these fruits can I pull out with my strength faster.  Growth is a movement, finely tuned that only Your hands can do, that sometimes You let me be alongside for the steps.  

I can only try to be faithful with what You give me right now, and spend time with You.  Thank You for wanting to spend time with me still.  I don't know why, but You still... still somehow, want to give me good things and be with me.  Oh blah... Come save us.  Bring Your sweetness to my Dello.


Annette darling!  A cute tiny watermelon came up!  I'm so proud of you for planting those seeds with me months ago and now here they come.  I hope they taste good for you. <3 Yay baby girl!!